Ready for huge crop yields.

When developing the DISCO 9700 RC AUTO SWATHER, in addition to the classic alfalfa harvest, we focussed largely on whole-crop silage and thus on massive yields. With a working width of 9.50 m and a total adjustment range of 700 mm, you'll be a force to be reckoned with.



Ready for huge crop yields.

When developing the DISCO 9700 RC AUTO SWATHER, in addition to the classic alfalfa harvest, we focussed largely on whole-crop silage and thus on massive yields. With a working width of 9.50 m and a total adjustment range of 700 mm, you'll be a force to be reckoned with.

Superb mowing performance – pure power.

No matter which DISCO large-scale mower you choose – you can be sure you made the right choice. Because they all have one thing in common: with the MAX CUT mower bed, they deliver optimum cutting results. You know best what you need from your mower, and we have the right machine: with or without conditioner, swath grouping and reverse drive. With a choice of operating systems, you have complete control of your DISCO at all times – by whatever means you prefer.

Who are the people behind the DISCO?

We would like to introduce you to some of our colleagues – the driving force behind our mowers whose passion and dedication has made our DISCO what it is today.

Disc mowers DISCO

DISCO 1010 – because the mowing journey starts on the way to the field.

DISCO project manager Cornelia Paul knows what counts: "We designed this unique folding concept with a specific aim in mind. Vector folding makes it possible to transport even the largest working widths safely and in the middle at the centre of gravity."

How do you benefit? The tractor-mower combination is exceptionally manoeuvrable and the mower barely swings out at all – allowing you to negotiate tight or steep field entrances with ease.

Disc mowers DISCO

DISCO – because we can only design what we understand. Machines developed by farmers for farmers.

Matthias Berger has been involved in the development of DISCO mowers for over 17 years: "As a test engineer and contract farmer, I use the machines every day. So I understand the importance of intuitive control – especially on long harvesting days."

How do you benefit? With the intelligent individual lift function, you can mow any field that tapers to a point without repositioning your hands.

DISCO – because it has to run smoothly from the start. Machines that just keep going.

As the assembly supervisor on the DISCO line, Christian Schmidt checks the quality from the very start: "We lay the foundations for a long machine life. The central mounting, arms and mower bed are of the highest quality and built to last. Every machine is rigorously tested from top to bottom before leaving our assembly line."

How do you benefit? You get the most reliable, longest-lasting mower on the market.

Disc mowers DISCO

Pure power.

DISCO 1010.

Ideal on the road – compact and close to the tractor without endangering oncoming traffic during turning manoeuvres. Even steep field entrances can be negotiated with ease. The tilt angle of the mower units also makes for easy hitching and unhitching. Vector folding is provided by an additional valve in the ram of the hydraulic collision protection. What's more, the mower units easily pivot inwards to give you a clear view in the rear mirror.

Outstanding mowers.

Five new DISCO 9700 models.

More working width, intelligently designed.

With a working width of up to 9.50 m and a total adjustment range of 700 mm, you'll be a force to be reckoned with
. This ensures maximum overlap when mowing around the outside of the field, and a high area output when working in straight lines. When a tilt sensor is fitted
, not just the adjustment range but the ground pressure and – in the AUTO SWATHER mode – the belt speed are automatically controlled on slopes. The central swing arm with extra-wide bracket ensures perfect ground-contour following at all times – even when extending and retracting.

Which DISCO 9700 models is best for you?

  • DISCO 9700 RC AUTO SWATHER with roller conditioner and swath grouping
  • DISCO 9700 C AUTO SWATHER with tine conditioner and swath grouping
  • DISCO 9700 RC BUSINESS with roller conditioner
  • DISCO 9700 C BUSINESS with tine conditioner
  • DISCO 9700 COMFORT without conditioner

Ready for huge crop yields.


Big brother of the successfully tried and tested model.


Mowing with a tine conditioner.


Mowing with a roller conditioner.


Shape shifter makes mowing more fun.


Disc mowers DISCO

Simply the ultimate in efficiency.

DISCO 9300 and 8500.

That's the USP of the DISCO 9300 TREND, with a working width of 9.10 or 8.90 m. Thinking of stepping up to a large-scale mower? Then the entry-level DISCO 8500 TREND is the perfect choice. With a working width of 8.30 or 8.10 m, it combines agility with an impressive work rate. And needless to say, the core component of these mowers is the proven MAX CUT mower bed. Features such as the convenient knife box, the red marking on the anticlockwise blades and mowing discs, and the colour coding of different lubrication intervals even make maintenance less of a chore.


  • TREND operation.

    These DISCO models are the perfect choice if you simply want to mow – using professional equipment, but without electronics: folding, mowing, lifting – all via one single-acting spool valve. To control the ACTIVE FLOAT while underway, you simply need another single-acting spool valve. Pivoting backwards and forwards in the DISCO 1010 is controlled via a double-acting spool valve. Optional direct individual lift is also available; with an additional single-acting spool valve, you can lift each mowing unit individually via a separate spool valve. You can use the headland management system to lift both mowing units together to make the most of the tractor's intelligence.

  • PLUS operation – the alternative for those wanting even more functionality.
    Disc mowers DISCO

    This option includes a hydraulic transport lock, hydraulic protective cover folding, and an automatic individual lift function which preselects the second mowing unit as soon as the first is raised for optimum ease of operation. For this you need a double-acting spool valve instead of the single-acting one – the function is operated via the CEMIS 10 terminal. PLUS operation is particularly recommended for tractors with few or mechanical spool valves.

  • COMFORT operation.

    A COMFORT version of the DISCO 1010 is also available, which combines the simple basic functions with ISOBUS operation. Folding and unfolding is controlled by one spool valve, so the lift can be integrated into the headland management. The load-sensing hydraulics automatically control protective cover folding, pivoting to the rear and the transport lock. Further functions can be conveniently controlled via ISOBUS or the function keys, e.g. rapid adjustment of the ACTIVE FLOAT pressure on both sides. The combined spool valve and ISOBUS operation in the DISCO COMFORT is particularly useful for customers operating under constantly changing conditions.


Disc mowers DISCO

All-round view guaranteed.


DISCO 9400 C DUO has a working width of 9.10 metres, making it the widest mower on the market for tractors with a reverse-drive system. The mounting location immediately in front of the cab gives the driver a clear view of the mowing units and the crop, for maximum driving comfort. If required, the mower can be converted for operation as a front-rear combination.

Disc mowers DISCO

Lower diesel consumption.


If the disc speed of a mower unit falls below a defined limit (which can be pre-set as required), the driver is alerted by a visual and acoustic alarm signal. This means the full performance capacity of the machine can be harnessed at all times. An angle sensor can be used to save the required headland lift height. In combination with the disc speed monitoring system, the angle sensor effectively protects the drive from operator errors.

One mowing combination, four processes.

  • 1 | Swath grouping:

    For swath grouping, the two belt units are folded down. The DISCO 9200 C AUTOSWATHER forms a perfect box-shaped swath specifically for a biomass or grass crop. The high torque of the belt drive allows operation at low rpm.

  • 2 | 18 metres into one swath:

    In addition to depositing a single swath, by folding up one of the belt units, during a back-and-forth pass you can consolidate a working width of 18 metres into 12 metres. Working in combination with the LINER 4700, which has a raking width of 12.70 metres, the mower can combine a working width of 18 metres into a single swath. Results from the field show that this can boost the JAGUAR's harvesting capacity by up to 40 percent.

  • 3 | Spreading the crop:

    When the weather lets you down, stay flexible: by folding up the belt units, you can operate the DISCO 9200 C AUTOSWATHER as a normal large-scale mower.

  • 4 | Edge mowing:

    The DISCO 9200 C AUTOSWATHER makes for even more efficient edge mowing: with an active belt unit at the outside field edge, you can throw the crop material inwards to make sure none of your valuable crop is lost.

Optional slope control

A tilt sensor in the headstock enables the ground pressure (ACTIVE FLOAT) and belt speed to adjust automatically to the current slope angle. The pressure change required to suit the gradient can easily be adjusted from the terminal. This reduces the driver's workload, and improves quality. The change in frictional forces also helps to positively counter slope drift, which in turn protects the sward. The result is optimal swath formation in cross-slope passes, and less risk of unmown strips or crop soiling.

Disc mowers DISCO

Masterly mowing performance.


The DISCO 1100 BUSINESS offers a working width of up to 10.70 metres, making it the largest mower conditioner on the market today. This is the ideal machine for the professional, with its combination of unbeatable productivity, smart technology and user-friendly operation.

The DISCO 1100 BUSINESS is equipped with either tine or roller conditioners. The DISCO 9200 C BUSINESS with a maximum working width of 9.10 m has a tine conditioner.

Disc mowers DISCO

The classic.


With its two working widths (9.10 / 8.90 m or 8.30 / 8.10 m), the DISCO CONTOUR is a tidy and reliable performer in all conditions.

Disc mowers DISCO

Professional technology for every situation.


This new mower is ideal for large-scale farming operations relying on high-efficiency tractors in their fleets. An electric control terminal allows specific functions to be preselected, such as individual mower lift. The mower can then be operated from the comfort of the cab, with no need for a control cable. And all other aspects are controlled by the operator via the spool valves and the tractor's headland management system.

Large-scale mowers2, 3Working width1

Reverse drive


9.10 / 8.90 m

Swath grouping


8.80 m – 9.50 m


9.10 / 8.90 m

With conditioner

DISCO 1100 C / RC

9.40 – 10.70 m4


8.80 m – 9.50 m


9.10 m / 8.90 m

DISCO 9200 C / RC | 8500 C / RC CONTOUR

9.10 m / 8.90 m | 8.30 m / 8.10 m

Without conditioner


9.40 m – 10.70 m4


9.90 m / 9.70 m


8.80 m – 9.50 m

DISCO 9300 | 8500 TREND

9.10 m / 8.90 m | 8.30 m / 8.10 m

1 Working width including front mower

2 "C" denotes tine conditioner, "RC" roller conditioner

3 Model availability differs according to country

4 Working width depends on front mower