ARION 430-410

One for all.

Tried-and-tested technology in a compact, modern design combined with optimum comfort and first-class ergonomics.

ARION 430-410

One for all.

Tried-and-tested technology in a compact, modern design combined with optimum comfort and first-class ergonomics.

Engine and Drive train.


Power when you need it.


Perfect engine matching.

Like all the drivelines in the proven ARION range, the ARION 400 engine delivers impressive pulling power and reliability. The performance curve for the common rail engine has been specially matched to the ARION 400 in order to achieve more constant output and higher torque.

The engine develops its full power in every speed range, and always responds quickly to changes in load – this is especially evident in front loader and transport work.


Plenty in reserve.

With CLAAS POWER MANAGEMENT (CPM), the ARION 400 CIS delivers up to 10 hp additional output. This additional output is released in four steps, depending on the tractive power requirement, PTO output or hydraulic power decrease. Only the exact amount of fuel required is injected.

Up to 10 hp additional output is developed under the following conditions:

  • Transmission in range C or D (C1 = 6 km/h at 1400 rpm)
  • If hydraulic output is decreasing
  • If PTO output is decreasing
  • If the viscous fan is activated

Full power.

The sophisticated engine technology employed in the ARION 400 guarantees top performance. The engine is particularly good at developing its full potential in difficult conditions and never lets you down.

  • Output from 90–125 hp to ECE R 24 standard
  • Complies with emission standard Stage IIIa (Tier 3)
  • Common rail technology
  • Internal exhaust gas recirculation
  • Turbocharger with intercooler

Transmission. Better shifting.


The QUADRISHIFT transmission from CLAAS.

With the QUADRISHIFT transmission you can drive your ARION 400 within the four powershift speeds without cutting the power flow and can optimally match your forward speed to the conditions on the ground. On the road or around the farm, you can comfortably select any one of four hydraulically selected ranges without having to use the clutch. The perfect combination of ease of operation, efficiency and versatility in this performance class: the ARION 400.

  1. 4 hydraulically controlled ranges
  2. QUADRISHIFT 4 powershift speeds
  3. Creep gears
  4. REVERSHIFT clutchless reverser

16 gears at the push of a button.

  • No more range shifting with the clutch and gear lever
  • REVERSHIFT for smooth turning manoeuvres
  • Nine gears in the main operating range
  • Easy and comfortable operation with the shift lever or cross-command joystick
  • Excellent efficiency in the field and on the road for low fuel consumption
  • CLAAS power train management for smooth changes in range and powershift operations
  • Automatic speed matching
  • Creep gear from 140 m/h
  • Fully automatic gear shifting with QUADRACTIV

Fatigue-free driving.

With four different driving strategies and many adjustment options, QUADRACTIV can adapt to any driver and any situation. You just select a driving mode by pressing a button on the B pillar.

The ARION 400 drives comfortably and safely, just the way you want it to. There won't be any unwelcome surprises, because you can choose all the settings so that they meet your needs perfectly. In addition, the automatic mode optimises the tractor's productivity and fuel consumption.

With QUADRACTIV, you can concentrate on the essentials and leave your right hand free for other tasks. If the situation requires, drivers can also intervene at any time with the +/- buttons.

Individual programming.

With the CIS display, the following functions of the QUADRISHIFT transmission can be matched to individual driver requirements and operating conditions:

  • Driving mode: field or road
  • QUADRACTIV automatic gear shifting: fully automatic mode or rev band shifting point according to driver preference
  • Start-up gear when starting the engine
  • Start-up gear with QUADRACTIV activated
  • Progressive REVERSHIFT
  • Disengagement of forward/reverse ratio

Running gear. Excellent manoeuvrability.


Compact is good!

Negotiating low barn entrances, shifting straw bales, pulling and lifting heavy tillage implements – the ARION 400 demonstrates the full efficacy of its compact and intelligent design.

Thanks to the extended wheelbase with a short overall length, the ARION 400's enormous manoeuvrability is a crucial advantage. Whether with or without CLAAS front linkage and front loader, its manoeuvrability is unimpaired, since the tractor was designed with these options in mind.

This makes the tractor extremely versatile and effective under any conditions – any time, anywhere.


Benefits of the long wheelbase and ideal weight distribution.

  • Excellent stability with front loader or rear-mounted implements
  • More effective four-wheel drive for greater tractive power
  • Little extra ballasting required
  • Minimal front or rear ballasting requirements for daily applications
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Protects the soil
  • Greater driving comfort
  • Good and safe road handling

Benefits of the short overall length.

  • Good manoeuvrability
  • Short trailer combination on the road
  • Small overhang with front loader or front linkage
  • Good visibility
  • Good guidance of front-mounted implements

Linkages. Excellent stability.


Front and rear linkages.

A sturdy connection between the tractor and attachment is essential for safe and efficient working. The linkages on the ARION 400 provide up to 6.5 t lift at the rear and 2.8 t at the front, and also have a long lift arc.

Hydraulics + PTO. Copes with any job.


Keep up the pressure. The hydraulics.

An open hydraulic circuit with a hydraulic flow of 60 l/min is available as standard. The optional 98 l/min hydraulic circuit operates as a twin-pump system. The first pump serves the rear linkage, while a second pump provides flow to the hydraulic spool valves. This allows the ARION 400 to perform these two functions simultaneously. In addition, the entire hydraulic capacity of the two pumps can be pooled and delivered to the spool valves. Ideal for intensive front-loader operations or special hydraulic applications.


Up to four mechanical or two mechanical plus two electronic spool valves are available. The two electronic spool valves can be operated comfortably and intuitively with the electrohydraulic joystick, enabling you to keep the front hydraulics and/or front loader completely under control.

The hydraulic couplings at the rear are configured so that they are easily accessible. Sturdy caps and oil spillage containers ensure that the rear of the tractor stays clean.


Choose your speed.The PTO.

Two different PTO packages are available: 540/1000 or 540/1000/540 ECO/1000 ECO, offering up to four speeds which means you'll have the appropriate speed range for every application. ECO PTO saves on fuel and reduces noise, because you can drive with a reduced engine speed.